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The Xbox app now plays nice with handheld consoles thanks to a new “Compact mode.” Windows-based handheld console users no longer need to navigate through tiny text and jumbled sidebars on … more
BMW is recalling a small number of SUVs in the U.S. because the driver’s air bag inflators can blow apart in a crash, hurling metal shrapnel and possibly injuring or killing people more
Fallout. | Image: Prime Video War never changes — and neither do the vibes in Fallout. After a bit of teasing, Amazon just released the first teaser trailer for its live-action … more
Interplay’s (and later Bethesda’s) Fallout games have always held a special place in the hearts of players. Waits between mainline installments have only grown longer, and there may be plenty of … more
Generative artificial intelligence may be the hottest topic in enterprise information technology circles these days, but it was only part of the story at this past week’s massive Amazon Web … more
During Friday's RedStream on Twitch, CDPR developers announced and discussed their next update to Cyberpunk 2077. The patch is significant because it adds some much-wanted features, the most … more
A U.K. woman was photographed standing in a mirror where her reflections didn't match, but not because of a glitch in the Matrix. Instead, it's a simple iPhone computational photography … more
For years, dedicated Star Trek fans have been using AI in an attempt to make a version of the acclaimed series Deep Space 9 that looks decent on modern TVs. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but I was … more
For the next few weeks, TechCrunch’s robotics newsletter Actuator will be running Q&As with some of the top minds in robotics. Subscribe here for future updates. Part 1: CMU’s Matthew … more
Keep your eyes in good shape for years to come. Here's what you need to know about keeping your eyes healthy without surgery. more
This week's news revolved around the latest Android feature drop, YouTube's adult ad complaints, and so much more. more
While the biggest changes to notifications happened in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, there are still some important tips to know for managing them within iOS 17 and iPadOS 17.Between iOS 15 and iOS 17, more … more
The iPhone has a hidden feature that lets you preserve your voice forever. You just need to read a few inquiries for 15 minutes, and … The post This hidden iPhone feature lets you preserve your … more
Looking for a quality gift without going overboard? Here are our favorite tech gifts under $100. more
Alyson Shontell / Fortune: A profile of Thrive Capital founder Joshua Kushner, who built the $5.3B firm outside his famous family, growing from a $40M fund in 2011 to a $3.3B eighth fund  … more
Regular exercise benefits your body in many ways, including your eye health. Here's what to know and how to exercise to protect your vision. more
If you own eye drops from big brands like CVS, Rite Aid or Target, be aware that they might have been recalled. Here's what to know and how to find the right eye drops for you. more
This is decidedly not evidence of the existence of parallel realities. | Image: Tessa Coates / Crop: The Verge Depending on how “online” you are, you may have seen a picture … more
What happens when you unlock your phone and there's... nothing?! more
Here are some highly rated series to watch on Max, plus a look at what's new in December. more
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